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AMIKO is the digital community for next generation travel advisors. 

As an independent membership-based organization, we provide advisors professional development opportunities through a supportive and high-tech approach to networking and information sharing. Members from around the world are able to connect instantly with like-minded advisors to share best practices, grow our businesses, and serve our valued clients. 

Together we’re forming a powerful, curated network of advisors, or AMIKOs, of the future. 


Who We Are



We’re hustlers, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs using new tools to work, experience and learn on the go. We crave the network and resources of a traditional office setting with the lifestyle of a remote advisor.

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We’re advisor/micro-influencer hybrids and we love to share our knowledge and experiences with others. We follow each other to learn about products, and our posts help us market our services to clients as well.

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We believe in the power of travel to change the world. We’re raising funds, volunteering, and using our combined buying power to encourage environmental and social responsibility in our industry.

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Marisa Costa - Founder

In almost a decade in the luxury travel industry, I’ve witnessed the evolution of the travel advisor firsthand. Through the various roles I’ve held, I’ve made it my mission to influence and accelerate this process by personally recruiting, training, and mentoring the new generation of advisors. More importantly, I’ve been listening to them. A lot.

While there has been incredible growth in terms of ambitious new advisors entering the field, much of the traditional infrastructure hasn’t kept up. Today’s advisors want to embrace innovative business practices, reaching across barriers of agency, consortia and geography. So I created AMIKO to unite forward-thinking advisors from agencies around the globe to share information, help each other grow, and collectively address the issues we advisors face in a modern world.

And, as more and more advisors embrace a remote lifestyle, AMIKO provides a “virtual office”, allowing our members to connect digitally with both colleagues and suppliers no matter where in the world they may be.

This is our journey—I hope you’ll join us.


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