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Who We Are


AMIKO is the digital community for next generation travel advisors. 

As an independent membership-based organization, we provide advisors professional development opportunities through a supportive and high-tech approach to networking and information sharing. Members from around the world are able to connect instantly with like-minded advisors to share best practices, grow our businesses, and serve our valued clients. 

Together we’re forming a powerful, curated network of advisors, or AMIKOs, of the future. 



We’re hustlers, digital nomads, and entrepreneurs using new tools to work, experience and learn on the go. We crave the network and resources of a traditional office setting with the lifestyle of a remote advisor.

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We’re advisor/micro-influencer hybrids and we love to share our knowledge and experiences with others. We follow each other to learn about products, and our posts help us market our services to clients as well.

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We believe in the power of travel to change the world. We’re raising funds, volunteering, and using our combined buying power to encourage environmental and social responsibility in our industry.


Join the tech-savvy, ambitious advisors who are sharing ideas, maximizing revenue, connecting with high-class suppliers, and ultimately creating incomparable travel experiences.



Fill out the form below and we’ll review your application. We're all about sharing, so the more info you're willing to give us, the more valuable you are to our community!


Once you're in, you'll be invited to join our advisors-only Facebook group and access our intranet—download the app, create a profile, upload content, and subscribe to teams to keep everything tailored to your interests. 


Now that you’re officially one of the cool kids, start making connections! Source advice, join a discussion, attend an event and apply for (super fun) fam trips. We're all here to support each other—this is a community, not a competition. 



We’re proud to announce that AMIKO has won a gold Travel Weekly Magellan Award for Travel Agent Innovation!


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Holly Monahan

Founder, Ilex Luxury Travel

"Most of the time, I’m running my business from Southeast Asia, so the AMIKO community is an invaluable way to stay connected to my entrepreneurial travel peers back in the U.S. and around the world. I always get thoughtful and well-informed answers to my questions and enjoy giving back by sharing my own areas of expertise."



Stephen Scott

CEO, Travel Hub 365

"Being a part of AMIKO has helped me bridge the gap between the destinations I have been to, and the ones I have not more times than I can count. This element of their business model helps me win business, and match the client's needs in ways that older business models just cannot keep pace with."

AMIKO has been instrumental in connecting me with the professionals I need to know in order to create top-notch, unique, and special travel experiences for my clients. Having this community available gives me confidence that I can take on any client’s request and exceed their expectations!
— Sierra Bush, Founder, Creative Edge Travel
Being part of AMIKO has been great for my business as it has provided me with a network of experienced luxury advisors who are experts in diverse areas and can provide insights, ideas and contacts which allow me to better customize client trips. This has lead to higher client satisfaction and a higher repeat rate as I am able to provide more differentiated and unique experiences to my clients.
— Justin Huxter, Owner, Cartology Travel
AMIKO provides a valuable sense of community and facilitates a much-needed network in the young advisor IC community. Marisa knows everyone in the industry, so it is fabulous to be able to call on her as a resource. I treasure the advisor friends I’ve made through AMIKO!
— Juliana Mulholland, Luxury Travel Advisor, Desert to Sea Travel
We are very grateful to be a part of the AMIKO community. We have made countless connections that have truly helped us – and our clients – from direct airline contacts (who helped us re-book our clients with no change fees) to introductions to some of our favorite new DMC’s... Marisa and her team are creating a valuable platform for a new generation of skilled and determined travel planners.
— Kait + Charlotte, Co-owners, Roam Travel Company

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"AMIKO focuses on innovation, educational opportunities and provides social forums that enable its advisors to share ideas, info, leads, and contacts."

"You want recommendations from people you trust, who share your values and who have been there, done that. We are those people—only better."

"With AMIKO, we are creating a generation of advisors and influencers — and we are digital nomads. The things we see and do are the most exciting things on social media."