Forget everything you think you know about travel agents—we're changing the game.

Once upon a time, people needed travel agents to pick up a book, look up flight times, and hand-write a ticket. To take the tiniest trip, they needed a human to give them hotel options at their destination, provide general info, and handle the booking. People had to talk to each other—over the phone. Times were tough.

After the internet came along and introduced big shiny “book here” buttons, agents evolved into expert advisors. With the skills to deliver exceptional trips and experiences based on personal relationships with clients, advisors were valuable and it seemed like things would be just fine.

And it has been, for a moment. But it won't last forever.

We're not your typical advisors.

We were born somewhere between Microsoft DOS and “fake news,” and we're building our businesses in a totally different world than those that came before us. It’s not easy when most people your age plan their own trips with their thumb (hey smartphone). They hunt for inspiration on Instagram, source advice from friends on Facebook, and spend hours sifting through reviews on Google. We constantly have to explain our value to our peers (though they adore us when they give us a try) because they don’t know our career still exists.

As entrepreneurs, we pretty much run our businesses solo, and it feels like our job description expands every day—in addition to booking trips, we're also expected to be social media personalities with unique personal brands. We're competing with influencers who are getting paid to post, and now conglomerates are considering taking away commissions altogether and with technology constantly improving and the world getting worse every day and OHMYGOD someone please give me a Xanax (I’d get it myself, but you know, healthcare. 🙄). #millennialproblems

We all got into this business to travel, and we could be full-time digital nomads (it’s almost our job). Except that networking, planning, and coordinating logistics with partners is another job in itself—and when we get to our destination, we have to scour the place for coffee shops with WiFi so we can get back to our clients and post about our experience in the three seconds we have between site inspections... *sigh*.

There has to be a better way.

Let's join forces.

We're coming together to help today's "digital" advisors evolve into amikos—advisor/influencer hybrids with the superpower skills to meet the demands of today and tomorrow. We're growing our brands through shared experiences and followings, and using our collective buying power to better the world around us.

Working in travel is built on relationships, and this community is built on the foundation of those friendships, where like-minded advisors and our partners can come together, learn, and innovate. So join us, friend, as we do our part to elevate the travel game for our clients and our industry.