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AMIKO connects and elevates modern advisors across the travel industry. Members love our community because we're all about quality over quantity. We’re small but vetted and committed to supporting each other—this is a community, not a competition.

Membership is currently FREE for selected advisors, eliminating any barriers to joining our community. Acceptance is not an exact science but is merit-based and evaluated on an individual basis. Your references, sales figures, digital presence and more determine if you're the right fit.

*Suppliers, this application is for advisors only—if you’re looking to work with us with us, click here!

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“AMIKOS Only” Facebook Group

  • Source recommendations from like-minded colleagues who have been there, done that, sold that

  • Share best practices with a curated group of peer-experts

  • Give and get professional support from other entrepreneurs.

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Jostle Intranet App

  • RSVP to industry events targeted to modern advisors and see who else is attending

  • News highlights keep you in-the-know of what's going on in the industry.

  • Our library lets you quickly find and share content like trip reports, vendor resources, destination info and restaurant lists.

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More…Coming Soon!

  • FAM TRIPS for and by AMIKOs with dedicated work time, innovative itineraries and bomb destinations.

  • Find the most up-to-date supplier contacts--no more bounce backs!

  • Get exclusive AMIKO offers and perks for your clients.

Member Testimonials


"Most of the time, I’m running my business from Southeast Asia, so the AMIKO community is an invaluable way to stay connected to my entrepreneurial travel peers back in the U.S. and around the world. I always get thoughtful and well-informed answers to my questions and enjoy giving back by sharing (and showing off) my own areas of expertise. Back when she was just starting in the travel industry, I had the pleasure of working Marisa Costa, founder of AMIKO. Even then, she had a creative, innovative approach to problem-solving, not to mention impeccable taste. It comes as no surprise that she’s curated this exemplary collective of digital travel experts. AMIKO is a visionary living brain trust on worldwide luxury travel!"
Holly Monahan, ILEX Luxury Travel


"Being a part of AMIKO has helped me bridge the gap between the destinations I have been to, and the ones I have not more times than I can count. This support helps me narrow down my recommendations to clients in a confident and swift manner rather than "hope for the best". This element of their business model helps me win business, and match the client's needs in ways that older business models just cannot keep pace with."
Stephen Scott, TravelHub365

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In order to maintain our highly curated community, we require all interested advisors to complete a comprehensive application. Advisors from any agency can apply, so just fill out the form below and we’ll review your application. We're all about sharing—the more info you're willing to give us, the more valuable you are to our community!

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Are you an IC, owner of an agency or employee? How do you operate? Do you charge planning fees? If so, what is your fee structure?
How many years have you been in the business and what roles have you held? What kinds of travel get you excited? Do you have a specialty or unique skill set? Let us know what you focus on or would like to!
What are your personal favorite hotels? What do you book the most? Which brands "get" you (we promise we won't tell)? What are the top destinations you want to visit to really "up" your game? We'll do our best to get you there on a FAM!
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Fine Print: Joining AMIKO does not change your affiliation with any agency/consortium.