Elevate your travel game.


AMIKO is the digital community for next generation travel advisors. 

We unite advisors from agencies around the world to share ideas, innovate our industry and grow our businesses, leveraging modern technology to work, experience and learn on the go.



We’ve created a digital space to find the most up-to-date industry contacts (say goodbye to those bounce-back emails) and connect with advisors and suppliers everywhere you go. Use our app to discuss what's new and exciting and source invaluable advice from like-minded advisors curated by niche.

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We curate the most important news and keep you in-the-know of what's going on. Our in-app calendar features events by area, conferences, and exclusive fam trips. We've even got a classifieds section so you can find side-hustles, travel buddies, or sublet your place while you’re off in an exotic land.

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We’re democratizing information, providing one, mobile place for advisors to quickly find and share content like trip reports, training programs, vendor resources, destination info and restaurant lists. By combining our collective knowledge, we all elevate our travel game—and save precious time