Our community unites around four core pillars.


We make collaboration between our Amikos and Partners easy through engaging content, new tools, and immersive FAMs.  Amikos receive invitations to educational experiences with our Partners, which allows members to learn, experience products firsthand, enhance industry connections and create new content in a seamless flow. We’ll also be booking monthly villas around the world where members can live, work, and create together for longer durations.



To support our Amikos and Partners, Amiko invests in making connections with travelers. Part of our mission is to enhance the digital presence of our members through joint marketing efforts. By combining followings between Amikos and brands, we’re able generate more leads for everyone, strengthening the entire chain, one link at a time. We’re also taking a modern approach to help rebrand and advocate for Amikos through PR, content, SEO, and social media marketing.




Our industry is evolving fast, and we believe the best way to stay ahead of the curve is to give everyone a seat at the table. We’ll be working with you to foster innovation at our Amiko Innovation Summit (Q3, 2018) and beyond. We’re focused on finding creative solutions for today’s challenges through open communication.


We’re citizens of the world. We care about our planet, and our impact is important to us. We give back through volunteer work, and donate 10% of all Partner funding we receive to a worthy cause. This year, we’ll be donating to UNIDOS, an organization created by the Hispanic Federation of NY to assist with recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. We only work with Partners who actively participate in our mission to protect the earth and support universal human rights, and we’ll hold them accountable when they fail to do so.