What’s with the name?

Like amigo in Spanish or amico in Italian, amiko (ah-me-ko) means friend in Esperanto—a universal language designed in the 1800’s to foster harmony between cultures. The majority of Millennial travelers don’t ask travel agents for advice—they ask their friends. They hunt for inspiration on Instagram, source advice from friends on Facebook, and spend hours sifting through reviews on Google. The reason for this is simple: they want suggestions from someone just like them, who travels the same way they do. AMIKOS connect with their clients digitally, just like their friends.

Who should join?

AMIKO is exclusively for client-facing, actively-booking travel advisors and tour operators. Acceptance in the community is merit-based—advisors from any agency are welcome to apply! Joining AMIKO does not change your affiliation with any agency/consortium. We do not get involved in the booking process—our members book through their respective agencies, and we don't take any of your commission (we know how hard you work for it)!

What do I get? 

AMIKO members gain access to our exclusive, advisors-only Facebook group, as well as our custom app. Members of the community receive invitations to events and fam trips as well. Most importantly, they have opportunities to connect with each other, providing much needed support and fostering the sharing of resources.

What does it cost?

We believe in full transparency—while membership is currently FREE, we will likely be implementing an annual fee in the future in order to support our growth and invest in the technology you need to better serve your clients. Don't worry, we know we need to prove our value to you first!

How is AMIKO funded?

AMIKO is currently funded by Partners—we collaborate with like-minded brands looking to better connect with our exclusive community of advisors and innovate their products and services. Interested in working with us? Click here to find out more!